From laying top quality turf to maintaining an established lawn, Blue Dyamond Lawn Care stands by our commitment to ensure your lawn is always emerald green. We can provide regular mowing services throughout the year and have all the necessary knowledge to stay on top of anything that may be detrimental to your lawn, making your grass stand out from all the rest. To go along with mowing services, we provide edging, weeding, and fertilizing at the customers request. Leave it up to us to advise you on the best methods to keep your lawn looking spectacular all year round.

Not only are our mowing services top quality, we also remove and dispose of all grass cuttings, from the property, so there is nothing stopping you from enjoying your lawn right away. From dead plants to dead branches, we can clear out and get rid of any form of garden debris or waste. If you've moved into a new property, you might be facing a huge cleanup job before you can enjoy your new lawn.

Our hauling services removes all items, no longer necessary to you, so you can get on with enjoying your outside space as quickly as possible. Whether you are looking for a major overhaul or simply want to tidy up your garden, we provide soft and hard landscaping options to transform your yard  into the oasis of your dreams.

We source only the best materials in stoneware, wood, and plants and use only the best equipment, bringing everything to your door step where we get to work right away. Together, we will plan your landscape vision so that you can make the most of our expert knowledge and choose the best options for your property. 

Seasonal Clean Ups - We provide gutter cleaning in the spring, as well as snow removal during the winter months. Combined with our tree-pruning and maintenance service, we can ensure your landscaping always stays in great condition, making your neighbors green with envy.

  1. Professional Lawn Mowing
    Professional Lawn Mowing
    We pride ourselves on being one of the best in the business! Why? Because our exceptional mowing services will have your neighbors green with envy and a smile on your face every time you step foot on your property. Professionalism, consistency, and cost efficient prices are just some of the perks that come with choosing us. We promise to always surpass your greatest expectations.
  2. Tree Removal (up to 14 ft)
    Tree Removal (up to 14 ft)
    Removing a tree from your property may be necessary for many different reasons. Whatever the reason, any tree up to 14 feet will be out of your hair in no time as soon as you call us.
  3. Mulching
    Imagine having the home that everyone stops and stares at because the landscape is just that jaw dropping. Those beautiful trees, those flowers, and we cant forget how neat and kept those mulch beds are. And did you know that outside of improving the appearance of your lawn, a layer of mulch has so many other great benefits like providing nutrients to the soil and protecting a plants root system? So not only do you have the most beautiful landscape on your street, but it's healthy too. The best of both worlds.
  4. Trimming / Pruning
    Trimming / Pruning
    What an eye sore it is when tree's and shrubs are unkept and not properly maintained. This is not the forest, this is your home. Our Professionals will have the greenery in your yard looking like a million bucks!! Neat and trimmed is ALWAYS the way to go. And I mean ALWAYS.
  5. Leaf Clean Up
    Leaf Clean Up
    Whether your property has trees that shed their leaves all year around or only during the Fall season, our leaf removal service gives your lawn that clean, neat look that we all desire without all the "extras" laying around.
  6. Snow Removal
    Snow Removal
    I think we can all agree that the snow, although an awe to look at, is not always the easiest to maneuver through. Let us make your snow experience a breeze. We have all the necessary tools and experience to have your driveways, walkways, sidewalks and parking lots salted and cleared away in no time for the safety of you and all those around. How calming is that in the mist of a storm?
  7. Hauling Services
    Hauling Services
    Nothing is too big or too small for the blue trucks. and I mean nothing. Need it gone? We got you! Enough said.
  8. Gutter Clean Outs
    Gutter Clean Outs
    We may not think about them as much we think about the things that are visible to the eye, like getting your tall grass cut, or your overgrown shrubs prune, but having your gutters cleaned out are equally as important. And not having them cleaned can cause many complex and costly problems for any homeowner. Give our experts a call, we can answer all your pressing question like how often should you get your gutters clean. And, the biggest question you may have I can answer right now, we can absolutely get them done for you!
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